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What We Do


Phase One


Understanding the individual qualities and constraints of any construction or renovation project is critical to setting the team up for success. During this phase, we have a number of discussions outlining those important details and creating the right framework for long term success. This includes a detailed plan of action and regular weekly stakeholder meetings. We say measure twice, cut once.

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Phase Two


It's important to recognize that, with any complex project, there will always be new developments along the way - but that doesn't mean we shouldn't be as specific as possible right from the start. More important that coming to any final decisions regarding budget and timeline, is setting up the protocol and processes to have those ongoing discussions. Don't worry if you don't have an absolute final idea of your budget or timeline at the beginning, we work to create the proper framework to allow it to become self-evident as we build together.


Phase Three


During this phase, we build upon the ideas, constraints and details we've discussed to present to you a number of achievable options that check your wishlist boxes. From moving or creating new rooms to utilizing wasted space in unique ways, our job is to help you get more from your space than you would have otherwise imagined. From there, we iterate together to come to a series of final options we love.


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Phase Four


Now that we have options we love, we're ready to begin an in-depth costing exercise. This is not to say we wouldn't have already discussed costs during the aforementioned phases, but this is the time to really fine tune those details. The more specific and thorough we can be, the better we set ourselves up for long term success. 


Phase Five


Much like the previous Costing phase, we will have already discussed a number of design details by the time we're here. However, now that we've defined our program, set forth a plan, and estimated our costs, we can now dive into specific design details like material selections and furniture layouts making sure each of our choices fall within the parameters we've set forth. For this process to unfold smoothly, we must be able to build our ship as it sets sail, improving and iterating upon our choices as our path unfolds before us - but, don't worry, that's what we do.


Phase Six


As we make our final decisions, it's important that all details are discussing, outlined and delivered in their final form to those responsible for execution. Grey area only allows for mistakes and unwanted surprises. We work alongside the architect and building professionals we select for this project to make sure each detail is clear before hammer meets nail. And we are there throughout the process to make sure communication remains clean and consistent.


Ongoing Phases

From the very beginning, as we outline and manage the details of your renovation or construction project, we are simultaneously discussing how furniture layout and specification plays a critical role in your project's success. To better understand our process, please review how we approach the more decorative side of what we do.

See Furniture & Finish Selection

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