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What We Do


Phase One


Necessity is the mother of invention - so understanding what your needs are, how you want to live or work in a space, and how you want to feel as you do so, are critical to a successful design. In this phase, we ask questions, listen to your feedback, and even challenge you to think a bit differently. The resulting Interior Design or Architecture program we craft together, as partners, should surprise you in wonderful ways. 


Phase Two


We believe your home (or workspace) should be your design fingerprint. Design should transcend style and trend - it should be a way of life that continually grows and evolves as you do. During this phase, we work to establish a visual lexicon that will help us make decisions as we begin to make aesthetic choices. We collect images of spaces you like, places that inspire you, and even draw from pieces you may already have. The result - the beginnings of your aesthetic fingerprint, a collection of imagery that we can draw upon (and add to) as we go through the design process together. 

screen shot 2020-05-10 at 12.03.13

Phase Three


Now that we have our program (roadmap) and we've defined our style (compass), we can make decisions. Building a space is like painting, each layer you add inspires and informs the following layer so don't worry about not knowing what things may look like in advance. We guide you through the selection process layer by layer, presenting as many options as necessary, so you come to love and appreciate each item in your space.



Phase Four


Crafting a space is more than just choosing nice things, there's a lot that must be managed as we finalize our selections. Availability, price and timeline are important factors along with the myriad design details we carefully specify for each item. During this phased, we meticulously coordinate and manage these details so you don't have to.

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Phase Five


Design is a game of details. The difference between a space that looks good and one that really sings comes down to the details that most don't realize are even there. Once we've coordinated delivery, we oversee the installation of each piece to achieve that final, wonderful melody. 


Phase Six


Now that you have spaces you're absolutely in love with, it's important we keep them that way. During this final phase, we help you craft a maintenance plan you can keep or deliver to the appropriate care professional. We leave no stone unturned.

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